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align to the dance of who-you-really-are…

an eternal being and Creator ….
raise your vibrational frequency, quantum leap
into the highest possible timeline of reality

Oh Shining One,

You are a supreme achiever in the multidimensional realm!
You are the rainbow bridge between Earth and Sky.
As an evolved being that understands Oneness, you have an exquisite gift to give - and your Cosmic Creative powers manifest your dreams at the speed of light!

To what tune will you dance to?
What quantum leaps will you make?
To what heights can you raise your consciousness?
How wide can you expand your horizon of possibilities? 

Together let us quantum leap into a new paradigm of partying - at the Cosmic Yoga Party @ Jivamukti Yoga Center on Saturday evening, June 15!


+ light body activation yoga
+ ecstatic galactic dance + dj + live drummer
+ astral deep house & organic rhythms (listen)
+ astrology & intuitive readings
+ holistic bliss: cacao, juice, aromatherapy
+ alien faceprinting & photobooth
+ vegan treats & food
+ alcohol-free event
+ guided meditation & soundbath

DRESS CODE: future esoteric, boho jedi, alien retro, harajuku yogi, namaslay the runway, galactically fractal (breathable yoga/dance friendly)

Your soul tribe and future self await you…