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// the magician... a secret deep house tarot ritual //

"Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe." - Saint Augustine

Healing frequencies and secret occult knowledge will be revealed to you on the dance floor… do you hear the call from your higher self?

You are exactly where you need to be… let your journey begin!


+ mystical deep house
+ occult knowledge
+ tarot & numerology psychics
+ tea ceremony
+ face&body adornment
+ guided meditation

 Begin your evening by raising your vibration with a GUIDED MEDITATION @ 9:30PM+ to synchronize your mind. Immerse yourself in SHAMANIC DEEP HOUSE, open your heart to align with your deepest truest desires. Consult with our TAROT, ASTROLOGY & NUMEROLOGY PSYCHICS. Let our FACE PAINT ARTISTS adorn you, and mindfully imbibe with a SACRED TEA CEREMONY.



Jade Min Akasha ( Soundcloud | Instagram )
Michelle aka Ci:aga ( Soundcloud | Instagram )

Numerology + Tarot - Priestess Victoria
Psychic + Astrology - Autumn’s Spiritual Solutions
Guided Meditation - Joi Rychelle