...the adventure continues

the tribal heartbeat and the wild sounds of the jungle thrum deep in your core, you feel one with the earth, and an ancient energy awakens within you!

immersed deep into a vision quest, you totally lose track of time and space. you are thrown into the primordial void. with wild howling abandon, it is utterly ecstatic to lose yourself and all that you have known of this world!  

your inner vision perceives the vines intertwining, the perfect chaos of jungle foliage shape shifting, weaving and re-weaving and weaving into an intricate tapestry, the tapestry of your dreams!

and SUDDENLY, it dawns on you...!

YOU were the shaman and the sorceress of your dream!
NOW, you are activated to masterfully navigate this dimension
YOU have tapped into the underlying tapestry of this very reality.

oh courageous initiate of the wild jungle!
your mind body and soul wrung pure,
you emerge from the deep selva renewed, reborn, and cleansed. 

as the first rays of sunshine touch your face,
a new spectrum of possibilities dawn on you like a flash of prismatic light
now with your clear intention, weave whatever it is you most desire!

Tribe lordesses Michelle-Ci:AGA and Jade Min Akasha will be calling in higher dimensional energies for the journey.

Let us ascend together, join us!


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